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Welcome to Kennel Kamp Village

My name is Neal Applegate, my wife is Suzanne and I am guessing that you are visiting this web page to find out information about KennelKamp Village. KennelKamp has been a long-term vision of ours that is becoming a reality. We are both dog lovers and have had them all our lives. Suzanne is a professional ABC certified dog obedience trainer and ABKA certified pet care technician. She is also a CGC evaluator for AKC. If you are “dog people” you probably already know what all those acronyms stand for. If not, just email me and I will break them down for you. Or just click on Meet The Staff and find out more about these certified specialties. Basically it says that she knows her stuff when it comes to dog training. Me, on the other hand, am a retired Boeing engineer who knows which end the tail wags from and which end you put the cookies.

As I was saying about our vision ----- we, like you, over the years have been very disillusioned about the quality of boarding facilities available for our dogs. Upon returning from various trips and vacations, our dogs were not only overwhelmingly grateful for our return, but they smelled like a kennel, needed a bath and sometimes our well behaved house broken dogs would end up urinating in the house when we returned home. This is what sparked our vision for something different. We wanted to design a boarding facility that the dogs would be happy to visit, be comfortable in their surroundings and not have a need to urinate in the kennels. I believe we have achieved this design. Our 12,000 square foot facility allows the dogs to have maximum comfort in their 8x8 or 8x6 foot fiberglass lined rooms while enjoying regular walks to the large outdoor potty/play areas. Their rooms may have sheepskin or fleece comfort beds, raised slumber baby beds, color TV’s and with our premium rooms, they have web cameras allowing owners to check on them via the internet. We plan to walk our dogs four times a day and allow play breaks during their restroom times. Our kennels are not hosed down like most other facilities leaving the dogs to wade through the water until the concrete dries. OH! Wait! You didn’t know about the wet floors? Every boarding facility in the area, including the new resort and spa, uses either a power wash or hoses down their runs twice a day. A raised platform bed is offered for the dogs to sleep on, but you know dogs – some will sleep right on the wet concrete floors.

Since our dogs are walked for potty breaks, the only times our kennels need to be sanitized is after a guest leaves and before the arrival of new guests. If on the occasion a dog does have an “accident” our kennel technicians will be right there to spot clean and sanitize the soiled area.

Now comes the part about why we call ourselves a Village. Our facility has all the amenities a dog and dog owner needs in one little Village. We offer boarding, training, daykamp, grooming and retail supplies. Just click on the different amenities and learn about each service, our rates and schedules.